Brandon and Lindsey brought their real estate business to San Diego in January 2015—establishing a life in which they find true delight. The couple hails from the great Midwestern state of Michigan where people are polite, and neighbors stop to help each other, sort of like in the old days. While you will not find a more ethical and trustworthy duo in the industry, they also moved to Southern California for a good reason—to enjoy the modern lifestyle and progressive thinking.

Lindsey and Brandon bring 18 years of collective industry experience to the negotiating table. Mixing traditional family values with an innovative and outside-the-box approach to real estate, the energetic couple employs clear and transparent communication with clients throughout the entire transaction cycle. However, more than a business transaction, the work they do is focused on creating relationships that help people to move forward in their lives, reach their dreams, and achieve a state of greater happiness.

Brandon and Lindsey’s mission is to make the real estate experience as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible. With a value of clients that emulates the way they treat their own moms, they pride themselves on enabling their clients to attain their goals and are devoted to going above and beyond the call of duty with every client.


Lindsey is a health-conscious vegan who loves to cook tasty meals that are good for you too. She keeps fit by practicing Pilates and playing with her dogs. Mesmerized by the computation of numbers in accounting, taxes, and data in general, Lindsey whets her thirst for knowledge by taking a variety of ongoing continuing education classes. With a sharp intellect and generous heart, Lindsey also has a highly developed sense of ethics and discipline that she culled in the Marine Corps. She harnesses her passion for working with people in her real estate business and hopes to expand her skill set to become a motivational speaker. With an overall zeal for the good life, Lindsey relishes opportunities for travel with her husband and is equally enchanted by the prospect of one day having children. To unwind, she enjoys a nice relaxing evening of knitting on the couch.

Brandon is a sport’s lover who is fascinated by the numbers and stats of the game. An avid baseball fan, when visiting his hometown, you’ll find him in the stands cheering for the Detroit Tigers. Having a penchant for hockey, he’s also taken a liking for the San Diego Gulls and is a committed season ticket holder. While he enjoys golf, Brandon maintains a healthy lifestyle through a daily jogging discipline—he will be running his first half marathon in 2019—and a part-time adherence to a vegan diet. (No one is perfect all the time!). Lastly, Brandon has been known to find his groove on the dance floor when the DJ is spinning 90s hip-hop. When he’s not out being Mr. Social, Brandon enjoys playing with his dogs at home and bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie!