Photo of Tamara Llano

Tamara Llano



Tamara Llano came to America in 1999 with her family from Serbia. She grew up in the midwestern state of Indiana. In 2014 she decided to join the Navy as an aviation mechanic and luckily for her, the Navy brought her to sunny San Diego in the year 2017. Tamara is a mom to three little monsters named Mila, Leia, and Mason and she also has two rescue dogs named Jupiter and Milo. Tamara is a major foodie and has a list of her favorite places to eat in San Diego. Tamara and her husband, Victor, host game nights at their home and she has been crowned as a Pictionary master. She has a love of painting and enjoys painting anime characters in her downtime over a glass of cabernet sauvignon. Tamara adores tattoos and has plenty of her own that she has collected over the years. Tamara absolutely loves being around people and finding common ground with everyone she meets. She appreciates all different cultures and backgrounds. This has stemmed from her love of traveling and good conversations. Tamara’s goal in life is to help everyone she can to succeed in attaining their dreams just as the people in her life have helped her achieve hers.

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